Drawn To The Beauty In Darkness

However one may view video games’ legitimacy as an art form, it is difficult to contest that with the rise of blockbuster franchises such as Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, they have become an integral part of Western culture.

As with the rise of previous kinds of media, controversial games have led researchers and the mass media to flirt with the idea that video games may be responsible for violence in society, including mass shootings. Despite these factors and ongoing conversations, major AAA game titles, most of them violent in nature, gross as…

Here are things you can do to recognise and escape the porn trap

Terry Crews did a very brave, great deed when in a series of youTube videos he openly discussed his struggle with ‘porn addiction’. In these videos, Terry descries how porn became all encompassing in his life. After intensive rehab and self reflection, he became aware that he was using porn to mask the pain he was experiencing, and he set on a mission to overcome those life obstacles.

You might be thinking: me/my child or my partner are not addicted, it just consumes way too much of their/our life and is ruining their/our sex lives. Certainly, whether you call it…

I recently stumbled upon an intriguing and paradoxical claim: a brutally, punishingly hard video game series called Dark Souls was helping people navigate their lowest, most vulnerable and painful moments in life. As a clinician I felt compelled to explore this further and after testing (read: throwing my controller out the window), I found the subtitle: Prepare to die, to be far from hyperbole.

Let us review some of the bright, happy images of the game:

Elio Martino

I am a registered Psychologist working in a private practice in Australia. My writing explores confronting, controversial areas of Psychology.

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